Teacher Benefits when using Gradebook Power Software

  1. Gradebook reports make it easy to communicate with parents.
  2. Email student progress reports to parents and guardians.
  3. Creates over 40 different reports for teachers and students.
  4. Individual and Site Licenses allow both home and school use.
  5. Gradebook program site licenses can also use the school network.
  6. Saves teacher time preparing for student conferences.
  7. Quickly calculate grades for student report cards.
  8. Technical support is included for registered users.

Teacher Adaptable

  1. Supports wide variety of teacher grading methods.
  2. Flexible category and assignment grade weighting.
  3. Adjustable grading scales for different classes.
  4. Attach personal notes to student progress grade book reports.
  5. Allows numeric comments, conduct and citizenship grades.
  6. Selectively drop lowest grades in each category.
  7. Include extra credit, quality, and non-graded assignments.
  8. Use numeric, letter, and non-traditional grades for any assignment.
  9. Automatically find/list/update/print all missing assignments.
  10. Allows student term/semester/final grade adjustments.
  11. Create elementary school report cards and permanent record labels for self-contained classes at any time.
  12. Easily compare student grades in different high school classes.
  13. Optional password security for student gradebook data.
  14. Quickly create and print out student seating charts.
  15. Detailed individual and class grading and attendance reports.
  16. Statistics by student, assignment, class, category, terms, and semester.
  17. Supports block schedule, traditional, and trimester school years.

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Gradebook Power Software Prices
Individual Teacher License ---> $69.00
Building Site License ---> $402.00

WISCO Computing has been creating and selling educational software since 1985. We continue to add program features requested by teachers to create quality software. We listen. That's what makes our gradebook software so beneficial for teachers. If you need more convincing, download the free evaluation version of Gradebook Power.

Gradebook Power can use Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista.