March 2019:  Dragoons

We put ourselves already in March, the third month of the year and after discovering and catching to one of the most slippery, enigmatic and looked for assassins of all the British empire we are going away to pour off this month by a subject of which always it desires to us. Dragoons!

Wishing to know to that they bring these fantastic creatures to us?

Prepare to you, because the environment adjustment of this history is going to us to catch totally completely

What is essential to know of this box?

+ the book including are the beginning of an exciting bilodge on two societies faced in surroundings of cuts steampunk.
+ During this history we are going to know two “totally different kingdoms”! It is the Earth of the man, and another one the one of the women.
+” Dragoons” are a box whose plot passes surroundings to some to each other totally different characters, but with an rebellious point very common.
+Si you like innovating histories and all that with thematic steampunk…. This is your box!
+Este month can… that the authors have had something to contribute to this box…
+Los objects that you will find within this box are as always retail cares, looking for the harmony with history and as always they are going to leave to you super enamored just as the reading of the book that it includes, you are not going it to be able to stop reading.
+Sabemos that the collaborations that we do month to month with other artists enchant to you, but this 2019 we have decided to enlarge the collaborator family and in March the subject is going to go of women and is that thanks to Violeta Casado, Alicia Pinapali, Irene López and Marina Rodriguez fantastic pieces for this box have created some. If you liked the box of February… to hope to see the one of March.
+Track! We will be them knowing during the next weeks but (as we are that anxieties) we go to forwards who… the object that are designed Marina Rodríguez will be very useful to begin the day of good morning.
+Y also throughout the next weeks we will be discovering important super details to you on this history.

You can see more images than they have inspired to us to create this box in the board of pinterest that we have created for the occasion. 

“In the beginning only there was darkness in the firmament and a sea I am, bottomless, without waves nor tides, quiet as a mirror focused towards the anything”

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