Legal warning, Conditions of purchase and Policy of protection of data

The present information this written up following scrupulously the new RGPD (General Regulation of Protection of Data) Regulation (the EU) (2016/679 RGPD) and Statutory law of Spanish Protection of Data. This Regulation in force enters the 25 of April of the 2018 and of is forced fulfillment in all the European Community.
GradeBookPower is a service offered by NETWORK APPLE EDITIONS CB. The proprietor of the Web, in accordance with Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce, informs into the following fiscal data:

Identifying data of the holder of the Web:

The PROPRIETOR OF the WEB (In accordance with Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce) informs to you into her personal data:

  • Name and trade name: NETWORK APPLE EDITIONS CB
  • CIF: E-57916223
  • Head office: c of sa Cimentera 63 2ºB, 07630 Fields, Majorca (the Balearic Islands)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: +34 685 125 224

All the notifications and communications between the users and the proprietor of the Web are considered effective, to all the effects, when they are realised previously through detailed e-mail.
The present legal warning on the other hand regulates the use of the service of the Web and to the person who accedes to this website.


By means of the present conditions of purchase, Network Apple Editions CB (in future GradeBookPower or DBB) informs to the users, about the conditions of purchase that regulate the access to the services provided by DBB.
The use of the Page attributes the condition of “User” to all natural person of legal age (or with authorization) interested in products and services of DBB and implies the total acceptance and without reserves of each and every one of the dispositions including in these Conditions of Purchase.
The User declares that it is adult or has authorization, and has legal capacity necessary to contract the services supplied in agreement with the conditions picked up in the present, which declares to understand and to accept. As much the access to the services, as the use of the same by the user, as well as of products supplied and accessible through the same is subject to the applicable legislation. An allowed use on the part of the user who will be entirely responsible for this access and correct use.
The subscription to one of DBB products implies the total acceptance of the mentioned Conditions of Purchase.


All the prices shown in the Web include IVA.

Price for subscriptions:
· Light Dreams: 19,90€ (Tax basis: 15.721€, IVA: 4.179€)
· Dreams star: 29,90€ (Tax basis: 23.621€, IVA: 6.279€)
· Gold Dreams: 39,90€ (Tax basis: 32.98€, IVA: 6.93€)

The prices for products of individual rest of stock are included in each article and they also take IVA including.

Form of payment

The subscription of the user in the service is understood as payment commitment.

DBB offers as payment modalities:

  • Debit, credit card or pre-payment (through platform of management of Stripe payments)
  • Banking transference
  • Paypal

GradeBookPower has certificate of security SSL that guarantees the security of the payment through debit, credit card or pre-payment. GradeBookPower does not store card data of clients in its Web nor in its servant.

The supporting ticket or of purchase that corresponds to the purchase order will be available and “My account” will be able to be visualized in in the section, “Subscriptions”.

The supporting ticket or of purchase that corresponds to the order will be received in the e-mail facilitated by the user at the time of the subscription to the service or can accede to directly in its account of user. It must be conserved for any later claim.

The Client will have to pay the amount corresponding to his order by means of unique payment through anyone of the informed corresponding methods of installment in the Web. The renovation process can be automatic being the Client who must stop the renovation of the service.

The client must notify to DBB any illegal or fraudulent position in his card realised by DBB so that the pertinent managements can begin.

Process of purchase

Once the User has selected the wished subscription, he will have to select the option “To finish subscription”. In the screen they will appear to him the subscriptions selected with the final price (IVA and expenses of shipment including).

Once selected the type of subscription and determined the price of purchase, to the User it will be asked for to him that it provides a series of personal data necessary to take to end the management of the asked for order. In the form of data the obligatory fields for the purchase process will be determined. The refusal to provide the described data obligatory will suppose the benefit or the impossibility not to accede to the service.

The treatment of its personal data, of the identity of the person in charge of the file, of the file to which they will happen to form divides these data, of the purposes of use of the data, of the direction where to be able to exert its rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition and, additionally, if the user is not against to it will be managed by DBB, not yielding the treatment of its data for commercial aims.

DBB does not ask for banking passwords nor data.

DBB offers to the user the possibility of renewing their subscription through e-mail sending a request to [email protected] These Users will be able to modify the data, to rectify them of the registry form.

Protection of data
For the purposes of the anticipated thing in the General Regulation of Protection of Datos (RGPD), one inquires to the users of this webpage about which the personal character data which they facilitate through her, as much complimenting any form, as through e-mail or by any other means will be treated in accordance with the present Policy of Protection of data.

Personal data gathered by GradeBookPower.

  • When filling up our form of contact we pick up several data of contact:  Name and e-mail. The picked up data only will be used for the asked for communication or possible referring communications to the subject of this contact. In no case this data will be used for another purpose.
  • The data asked for when registering you in this Web you facilitate, Name of user, e-mail and minimum password to us as only are to verify your identity when it is necessary to accede to your account of user in the website.
  • In order to leave to commentaries or valuations you will have to be registered in the Web, reason why the same data will be used that we have mentioned previously. Nickname the used one to identify to the author of the commentary/valuation, the data of registry of the same will not be shared in the Web.
  • The commentaries and their metadata are conserved indefinitely. For later commentaries without needing moderation after first.

Of the users who register themselves in the Web, also we stored the personal information that they provide in his profile of user. All the users can at any time see, publish or eliminate their personal information except the user name. The administrators of the Web can see and also publish that information.

In order to make a purchase or to subscribe to GradeBookPower to you we will need your complete name, shipment and invoicing direction, e-mail, telephone, national identity document and other possible data necessary to manage the invoicing and taxes.

These data serve us to make you arrive the physical product that you have bought, to solve any type to you of doubt that arises during the purchase procedure and to verify your identity.

The data are only shared with third parties in the case of the TRIBUTARY AGENCY and with our ADVISORY agency ISERN AND GALLEGO that takes care to manage the fiscal data of NETWORK APPLE EDITIONS CB in front of state tributes and agencies.

The shipments are managed by the STATE SOCIETY OF POST OFFICE AND TELEGRAPHS S.A.U that will receive the information necessary to be able to process the shipment for the delivery.

Rights of the user for the personal data processing
GradeBookPower guarantees all users, at any time, the possibility of exerting its rights of access, rectification, suppression, opposition, limitation and portability on the facilitated personal data, in the terms arranged in the RGPD. The users of the Web will be able to exert such rights sending an express request through the [email protected] email address sending a physical text to NETWORK APPLE EDITIONS CB C of sa Cimentera 63 2B, 07630 Fields (Majorca), Illes Balears.

The responsibility of the usuary one on the veracity of the introduced data is exclusive of the user, reason why in the case of having facilitated false or inexact data, GradeBookPower reserves the right to prohibit the access him to the Web, notwithstanding the legal actions that it considers opportune in defense of his interests. GradeBookPower does not have the obligation either to verify, and it does not verify, the identity of the Users, nor the veracity, use, thoroughness and/or authenticity of the data that the same provide on themselves. The User is by all this person in charge to inform to GradeBookPower into any variation that takes place in the data that it had provided previously and it guarantees and he is responsible exclusive for the veracity of these.

To eliminate your personal data
At any moment its interest in modifying will be able to indicate to GradeBookPower or eliminating its personal data of the commercial data bases sending an e-mail to [email protected] Book so that they are eliminated.

Export of data and conditions of the right to the forgetfulness:
Any person who has facilitated her data in this Web can solicit to receive a file of export of any data.

According to the effective legislation in Spain, the fiscal data must stay and they cannot be eliminated. He is therefore that if we have had a relation client – retailer our system of management of invoicing and accounting will maintain his data at least during five years. If it solicits its right to the forgetfulness we will eliminate its data of any data base having excepted those of the public administration.

Purpose of the asked for data
To register its discharge on the Web, to solve organized consultations, requests, inscriptions to the contests, drawings, promotions and other events or any request type that is realised by the user through anyone of the contact forms which they are put at the disposal of the user in the website of the company.

The data will be treated on the legal basis of the consent of the person who provides them. This consent can retire at any time, although it will not affect previously to the legality of the conducted treatments. The fact to facilitate the data is voluntary, although, in case of not doing it, they will not be possible to be tried for the indicated purposes. The data will be conserved during required time to give answer to their request, request, consults, inscription and until giving this by definitively closed. Later, they will be conserved as a historical of communications, unless the user asks for his suppression, to the indicated e-mail previously.

To manage the orders realised by the users (to process its orders online, including the shipment of e-mails and/or text messages to inform to him on the state of a shipment, to process returns of orders, to contact with the client in case there is some problem with some of his orders or by other reasons for logistic, etc.).

In this assumption, the data will be treated on the base of the existing legal relation between the parts, as a result of the benefit of services offered. The delivery of the data for this purpose is obligatory, not being able to manage the order on the contrary. The data will throughout be conserved the time in which the relation of benefit of services stays and, still later, until they prescribe the possible responsibilities that could be derived from the same.

The User specifically accepts the treatment and the inclusion of the data successfully obtained during navigation by the Web, or provided by means of the execution of any form, as well as the derivatives of the trade relation, according to the indicated thing previously.


The DBB shipments are managed through the STATE SOCIETY OF POST OFFICE AND TELEGRAPHS S.A.U for all the national or international shipments. All the shipments are registered with pursuit code.

Expenses of shipment:

  • Any national destiny (Peninsula - Spain): 5,50€
  • The Balearics, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 6,50€ (It is essential to facilitate national identity document for these shipments to the Canary Islands)
  • Within the European territory: 15,90€
  • Orders for North America: 35,90€
  • Orders for the rest of the world: 55,90€

These tariffs do not include taxes of customs, rates etc. If it corresponded, these will be the responsibility of the adressee.
The shipments of individual products and rest of stock have conditions of special shipments. To consult costs and promotions.


For national and peninsular orders the delivery of the order will be realised in a term 3-5 workable days to tell from that they leave our facilities. The shipments will begin to prepare themselves after the 21 of every month. (Except December, that will be sent as of day 15).

For orders to the Canary Islands, the Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla the delivery will be realised in a maximum term of 3-10 workable days.

For International orders: to consult.

DBB does not take responsibility of the possible delays in the service of delivery due to other people's causes or greater force not related to DBB.

The order is given in the direction specified at the time of purchase.

In case of international orders an only attempt of delivery is realised. In case of power not to be given, will leave a warning with the data of the office where it will be able to gather the package. In case of not taking shelter the package in a maximum term of 7 days, it will be given back to our warehouse.

The shipments that consist of return by not gathered absentee or in the considered term will have a sending back cost that will invoice to the same cost that the one of a new shipment that will have to be phelp by the buyer. DBB will only be made person in charge of the cost overrun of shipment due error on the part of DBB at the time of the shipment.

Policy of returns

DBB only accepts changes and returns in case some object of the box is broken or defective to the given being. In that case it can ask for a change of the object at issue sending an e-mail to us in the 48 hours following to the reception of the order indicating clearly the reasons of the return and contributing images of the defective item. The replacement costs run at the expense of DBB.

In no case a return will be accepted because “the book I have it repeated” or “I do not like”. It is necessary to review the tracks and the thematic one of the box well before transacting the order.

In case of coming to return, the amount will be phelp in the same way in which the subscription has been phelp. The payments through debit or credit card, will only be given back in the same way and not by banking transference.

Industrial and intellectual property

The user recognizes that all the contents of the Web and, in particular, all the information, materials, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of his contents, programs and development of applications used in relation to them, are protected by collaborators, cesores, sponsoring and administrators of the same.

In no case the access to the same or its use on the part of the user will imply no type of resignation, transmission or neither partial total cession of shelp rights, nor confers no right of use, alteration, operation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on these contents without the previous one and it specifically express granted authorization to this end on the part of the proprietor of the same.

All the commercial brands, names, distinguishing signs and illustrations shown in this page are property of GradeBookPower and/or third companies. It is prohibited to use them or to unload them permanently, to copy them or to distribute them by any means without the mandatory consent of his holder.

In case any user or a third party considers that anyone of the contents has been introduced in the Web with violation of its rights of Intellectual or Industrial Property will have previously to send a notification to DBB through the detailed data of contact.

When subscribing to GradeBookPower you accept to have read and to have accepted our policies of subscription.

For more information or doubts on the matter he does not doubt in contacting to us: [email protected]

Last update 23 August of the 2018