Serial murderer – February GOLD


5 available ones



+Libro: To the hunting of Jack the ripper (Kerri Maniscalco – Puck)
+Marcapáginas “bravery” (origial Illustration: @María)
to +Póster “Eighth day” (origial Illustration: @intueri)
+Marcapáginas “the beast of the fear” (origial Illustration: @nickolae, @lynea)
+Pin · Stickers (origial Illustration: @María)
+Lámina “Darkness and Romance” (origial Illustration: @María)
+Puntero Ouija
+Funda of book (Chic Book Boutique)
+Lámina “London Stamp” (origial Illustration: @avniunsal)
+Vela 150 ml “Jack the Ripper” (Amalia Torres Illustration – Aroma elaborated by Bookish Soul)

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