About GradeBookPower

How born was GradeBookPower? 

GradeBookPower was born from absolute and intense envy. Whenever we entered Instagram, the photos of fantastic literary boxes flooded to us and we did not have our version in Spanish. This took to us to raise to us, with a pinch of seriousness and two spoonfuls of madness, that we could work in it.

With a great equipment of professionals of the sector that endorses to us, GradeBookPower begins its walking with a solid project that although it tries to resemble itself American editions of the literary boxes, does very with a style “Made in Spain”


In what difference GradeBookPower to other publications?

Within the different types from literary boxes that they exist right now in the market, the equipment of GradeBookPower has bet to offer to our subscribers a system same until now different from whom you will be able to find in the market: the different modalities from subscription.

Two types of boxes to choose and much illusion in each of them. Different options and with something common, desire to make you dream to all and to be contributor of this project. You will be able to select between different types from boxes with different quotas from subscription and without no type of permanence or minimum subscription.

Welcomes to GradeBookPower!