How work does Dreams Book box?

The system of subscription of GradeBookPower is very simple.
Next you will be able to find a summary of the steps to follow to subscribe.
If you need to put to you with us in touch to receive attendance in the subscription process, you can do it in the following connection.


It is the most difficult part of the process, because not even we are able to only choose one. The two boxes are brilliant! in order to ayuadar a little to you before this difficult decision you have next a small description of the content of each of our boxes.

  • Light Dreams: She is smallest and it compacts. It includes book of newness + 1-2 brilliant objects. (to see complete description)
  • Dreams star: It is the median and it completes. It includes book of newness + 3-4 brilliant objects. (to see complete description)
  • Gold Dreams: “The box”, very very complete. It includes book of newness + 5-7 brilliant objects. (to see complete description)
    *La amount of objects can vary based on each box.

Once you have chosen your box, we can happen to the following part of the process.



  • Monthly subscription: Month to month subscribes to you and receives in your address your corresponding small box.
  • Quarterly subscription: It receives during three months followed the subscription in your address.  Advantage! This modality of subscription has a 10% of discount already applied on the price!
  • Semester subscription: It receives during six months followed your GradeBookPower in your address. Advantage! This type of subscription it enjoys a 10% already applied on the price and expenses of shipment gratis*.

You can subscribe every month that you wish to GradeBookPower. THERE IS MINIMUM OF SUBSCRIPTION NOR NO PERMANENCE. But it remembers that the subscription renews and invoices automatically according to the payment method that your you choose. If you want to take a rest, you are going to have to enter your account of user and “to slow down” or “to cancel” your subscription to notify it to us.

*Promoción “Expenses of” free only valid shipment for Spain. Other countries to consult effective supplies.
In order to transact the subscription the following data are necessary:
  • Complete name of the adressee of the shipment.
  • Complete direction to receive the package.
  • Telephone to be able to contact in case it is necessary on the part of the company of transports (little frequent case)
  • Email to receive the notifications of the process of your subscription.
  • And national identity document, in case of being resident in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is very important to have this data to make customs steps.
GradeBookPower is a service destined for adults, in case she is a minor who subscribes to the service must have of paternal authorization or its legal tutor to subscribe to this service.
GradeBookPower does not yield data to third parties unless it is exclusively right and necessary for the correct management of your subscription, you can see our policy of protection of data in the following connection.
In order to finalize the subscription correctly it is necessary to realise the payment of the same before finalizing the process. All the subscriptions renew automatically unless the opposite indicates itself cancelling or slowing down the subscription. The subscriptions transacted by card will only invoice automatically and that have been authorized for such aim.
Accepted methods of payment:
  • Banking transference. Once finalized the process, it will appear in the screen and the information necessary will be sent you to your e-mail to make the payment (account number) and you have seven (7) days to realise the payment before this subscription is cancelled automatically.
  • Card. The payment is realised automatically and right away by our platform of safe payment Stripe that will manage with the bank the collection of the subscription.
  • Paypal. You can make the payment through Paypal, using the balance that you have in your account or with your data through this platform.

In any case, the execution of your data and the payment suppose the acceptance of the subscription to GradeBookPower and the commitment of payment of the same.

Period REMEMBERS that you arrange until day 20 of every month to transact your subscription or until the existence is run out, once past east is very difficult to take control of some of our previous boxes.

As of day 21 we will begin the process of preparation of your package that can take some days.


All our shipments are realised through Spain Post office. All the shipments are registered and have pursuit codes to know how at any moment where to be able to find and to locate the same.


We animated to teach the content to you in your social networks and to label us in the publication or shares your image using hastag #DREAMSBOOKBOX



And… to wait for with anxiety the following month!