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January 2019
“Planetary orbit”
Photo: @dreamer.reads

+ Libro: “April, Adam and the trajectory of planets” (Crossbooks)
+ Lamina heart (Isla Books)
+ fabric Stock market “Emily Dickinson” (Graphic Dynamite)
+ Bookmarks metallic (GradeBookPower)
+ Mirror “Reading to remember…” (Isla Books)
+ Gargantilla stars
+ Bookmarks “I claim you too…” (Isla Books)

December 2018
“The last one”
Photo: @bookscuore

+ Libro: “The last magician” (Puck – Editions Uranus)
+ Cup inspired by Cassandra Clare (GradeBookPower)
+ Stickers “Harry Potter” (Kind illustrations)
+ Lamina “The last magician – Lisa Maxwell” (Isla Books Studios)
+ Pin “Wizard in training”
+ Bookmarks paper clip “Outlander”
+ Sachet “Vikingas Runes” (GradeBookPower)

November 2018
“Gods and gifts”
Photo: @noatbuk

+ Libro: “The gift of the goddess – redemption” (Publishing Onyx)
+ literary Tea (Bookish Soul)
+ Postcard “Nuncanoche” (Isla Books)
+ Bookmarks “Tristán” and “Amaranta” (Arilicius & Publishing Onyx)
+ note Blog “ACOWAR” (Isla Books)
+ Mini candle “Tristán” and mini candle “Amaranta” (Bookish Soul)

October 2018
“Under rain”
Photo: @secrettland

+ Libro: “Although it rains fire” (the galley)
+ Lamina “Pride and Prejudice” (GradeBookPower)
+ fabric Stock market “When in doubt…” (Bookish Soul)
+ Socks “Dobby is free”
+ Pending glasses “Harry Potter”
+ Brand pages exclusive phrase of the book (GradeBookPower)

September 2018
“Princess and ashes”
Photo: @caromcdiamond

+ Libro: “Ash princess” (Infinite extra – Montena)
+ Pin fly-by-night
+ Poster “George R.R. Martin quote” (Isla Books Studios)
+ Tiara
+ Eleven Pendant “upon to Time”
+ Patch crown

August 2018
“The witch and the alchemist”
Photo: @sadeblaubooks

+ Libro: “Everless” (Puck editions)
+ Sticker “the time are a prison and it is the key” (Isla Books Studios)
+ Bookmarks exclusive design (Isla Books Studios)
+ literary Chapa “100% reader” (GradeBookPower)
+ Cup inspiration “the gentleman of the ring” (Bookish Soul)
+ Pendant “Giratiempos” inspired by Harry Potter
+ literary Vela inspired by books - several models (Bookish Soul)

Julio 2018

“In the end of the world”

Photo: to @Patry10Fer

+ Libro: “Midnight in the end of the world” (Network Apple Editions)
+ Bookmarks of the book (Network Apple Editions)
+ Note of the author (Israel Gutiérrez Collado)
+ Anchor Bookmarks
+ Lamina Julio Verne phrase
+ Key 221b Baker Street
+ Funda for marine thematic book (
+ literary Socks (2 different phrases)

June 2018

“Lost stars”
Photo: @noatbuk

+ Libro: “Where the stars disappear” (Platform Neon)
+ Bookmarks and publishing promotion (Platform Neon)
+ Note + to sticker dedicated of the author (Mónica Baños)
+ Anillo Star and Moon
+Marcapáginas + Lamina exclusive design (Bookmarks10)
+ Pin Literario “Read More”
+ Ball-point pen pen (several colors)
+ Mini lights LED
+ fabric Stock market inspired by “One wing section and ruin”

Mayo 2018

“Magic and darkness”
Photo: to @_sandrawinter

+ Libro: “Iskari” (Nocturnal Editions)
+ Bookmarks and publishing promotion (Nocturnal Editions)
+ exclusive Lamina Torwin phrase (@islabooks)
+ Bookmarks Hécate and The witch (to @medusadollmaker)
+ exclusive Lamina (@miss.creative)
+ Pending dragoon
Hanging + shoot with an arrow
+ Funko MGP “Drogón” (Also there were some of Jon Snow) (@Funkopop)
+ vintage Cup exclusive design “Readers live Thousand lives” (@eviebookish)

April 2018

“Boxes for the future”
Photo: to @_sandrawinter

+ Libro: “My future in a box” (Editions Kiwi)
+ wood Box (@dreamsbookbox) with note of the author (@Inés days Carrier)
+ Bookmarks magnetic and Bookmarks of the book (@Inés days Carrier)
+ Seeds of lavender (@planetahuerto)
+ literary Pin several models
+ Vela “Spring readings” (@pagina_36shop)
+ musical Bracelet (@creabisuteria)
+ floral fabric Bookmarks several models (

March 2018

“Quite the opposite to a hero”
Photo: to @_sandrawinter

+ “Anti-heroes” Iria G Pariente and Selen Gomez (Nocturnal editions)
+Espejo cake
+Marcapáginas, postcard and triptych Anti-heroes (Nocturnal editions)
+Cacao labial (Dreams Book box)
+Taza “the magic is on the front page (GradeBookPower)
+Marcapáginas “Never we have wanted to be heroes…” (Isla Books)
+Marcapáginas literary (Isla Books)
literary +Lámina (Isla Books)
magnetic +Marcapáginas superheroes (Marking pages)
+Chuches (HARIBO)

February 2018

“Love of summer”

+ “the last one in finding out” (Micalea Smeltzer)
+ Card (starryart shop)
Key + sun Bookmarks metallic
+ Note of the author (Micalea Smeltzer)
+ musical Key ring (dreamsbookbox)
+ Poster wood “Love”
+ Pack bookmarks phrase book (islabooks)
+ Pump of bathroom “the little prince” (Fire Books)
+ Clamp of mini heart slate heart

January 2018

Photo by @fiebrelectora

+ Warcross (Marie Lu)
+Perfume solid - Tokyo (CyinderShop) 
+Monedero/estuche - Comecocos- (
+Marcapáginas - Key (islabooks)
+Marcapáginas - Game over- (islabooks)
+Lámina - Japanese Proverb (islabooks)
+Geisha/tatami/Plate - varied based on the box (dreamsbookbox)
to +Sticker - Warcross- (dreamsbookbox)


December 2017

by to @paolaboutellier

+Sirens I (Lena Valenti)
+Marcapáginas and Necklace Siren - Exclusive (@elfrikimundodecarly)
+Marcapáginas quote (@dreamsbookbox)
+Marcapáginas metallic “waves” (@islabooks)
+Tarjeta dedicated by the authors (Lena Valenti) (@Valenbailon)
+Calendario 2018 (@Dreamsbookbox)
+Jabón lollipop aroma Melon (@volverá
+Chapa “literary” (@Latiendaliteraria)

November 2017

by @bibianainbookland

+Tú you are what desire (Moruena Estríngana)
+Marcapáginas magnetic exclusive (@Magic Bookmarks)
exclusive +Marcapáginas quotes (@islabooks)
+Funda for book (@Anskuku)
+Tarjeta dedicated by the author (Moruena Estríngana)
+Sales for Bathroom (@Dreamsbookbox)
+” B” of felt (@Dreamsbookbox)
+Lámina with phrase (@islabooks)
to +Sticker literary (@Dreamsbookbox)

October 2017

“Story of you foretell”
by inamararu

+ Itself were a story of you foretell (book Planet)
+Marcapáginas paper clip (Vint-i-set)
+Chapas (the literary store)
+Ticket Hogwarts (the literary store)
+Marcapáginas “Second star to the right…” (Isla Books)
+Vela “Never never” (Fire Books)
+Bolígrafo princess (Funko MGP)


“The perfect box”
by magial_things_by_miriam

+Perfect (book Planet)
+Marcapáginas several (Vint-i-set)
+Chapas (the literary store)
+Imán (the literary store)
+Lámina “Perfect” (Vint-i-set)
+Vela “Perfect” (Fire Books)
+Bolsa of fabric “Dreams” (

JUNE 2017

by Susinhavieira

+No I believe in the goodbyes (Network Apple Editions)
+Funko (Funko MGP)
+Chapas (the literary store)
+Marca magnetic pages (the literary store)
+Cuquipils for secret messages (Cuquiland)
+Dados (Tiger)
+Broches (Aixa Girl)
+Vela (You will return)

MAYO 2017

“Mysterious dinners”

+Who comes to have dinner tonight? (Editions Kiwi)
+Cucurucho (You will return)
+Té “Mysterious Dinners” (The Tea Adventures)
+Mermelada Fresa (GradeBookPower)
+Stickers (Cuquiland)
+Libreta (Cuquiland)
+Sushi rubber (Cuquiland)
+Jarra “I know brave”
+Piruleta of soap (You will return)

APRIL 2017

“Romantic suspense”
by lena_blog_literario

+Amenaza between the shades (Harlequin)
+Saco of aromatic (You will return)
+Colgante snowflake (Crafts the Sun)
+Toalla dog
+Taza (the literary store)
+Paymobil police key ring (Playmobil)
+Camiseta RA (I read RA)
+Cartel wood “Adventure”

MARCH 2017

“The attractive box”
by Raquel SG

+La magic of being Sofia (EXTREME of letters)
+Marca pages (Elisabet Benavent)
+Jabón cat (You will return)
+Saco of aroma coffee (You will return)
+Vaso (You will return)
+Gomas to erase cats (Cuquiland)
+Libreta (Cuquiland)
+Pluma Ball-point pen (Tiger)
+Ovillo of wool (GradeBookPower)


“Love is in to air”
by @ Estefanía Álvarez

+Cada day I hope to you (Network Apple Editions)
+Camiseta (I read RA)
+Chapas the military
+Espejo customized (the literary store)
+Taza (Stampick/the literary store)
+Pizarra heart
+Saquito aroma chocolate (Volverá
+CD (Clan Casalà/SW Design)
+Marcapáginas (Network Apple Editions)
+Partitura “All of me”


by @ Elena Presedo

+Las brands of the death (RBA)
+Bolígrafo constellations
+Luces stars
+Pluma brand pages
+Chapas customized (the literary store)
+Libreta (Ineffaceable)
+Saquito aroma pink/cherry (Volverá
+Lámina (SW Design)


by @ Laura Caballero

to +Winter love (Editions Kiwi)
+Piruleta of soap strawberry essence (Volverá
+Calcetines Christmas
+Broche artisan
+Bola of Christmas
+Papel hygienic Christmas (Müller)
+Calcetín decoration
+Amigurumie (the literary store)
+Bastón of caramel
+Saquito aroma chocolate (Volverá
customized +Felicitación authors Winter love.


by @MoruenaEstríngana

+La decision of Stinger (Pàmies Editions)
+Piruleta of soap strawberry essence (Volverá
+Corazones of bathroom (Volverá
+Chapas customized “Is lovebooks” (the literary store)
artisan +Saquito of lemon (volverá
+Acreditación Stinger (SW Design)
+Vela handle essence (Volverá
+Bolsa of fabric (the literary store)
+Claqueta of cinema (Flyingtiger)


by @MoruenaEstríngana

+Otoño in London (Nocturnal Editions)
+Piruleta of soap chocolate essence (Volverá
magical +Purpurina “Autumn” (GradeBookPower)
+Chapas customized “Autumn in London” (the literary store)
artisan +Saquito of cinnamon and orange (volverá
+Espejo literary (volverá
+Jabón artisan cinnamon and orange (Volverá
+Tarjeta/abono polipiel “Autumn” (volverá
+Vela pencil (Volverá
+Taza “Autumn in London” (Stampick/the literary store)
+Piruleta of soap chocolate essence (Volverá