You have questions?

Next, you will enter a series of “more frequent” questions to be able to clarify a little the doubts that you can arise with respect to GradeBookPower, to the method of subscription or on the reception of the box and its content. If you need more information about our best cheap vps hosting and you do not find the answer in this page, you can contact with us through the contact form or write to [email protected]


What book I am going to receive?

GradeBookPower will send within its boxes books with thematic NA, ALREADY, youthful RA and novels (within the subgenera of those qualifications, any option is possible). In any case, all the sent novels will be car-conclusive books, first parts or beginnings of series or sagas. Second parts nor other titles will not be sent that are in half of saga.



How much cost does the subscription?

You choose the type of quota that you wish to pay. Considering the characteristics of each box, you can realise three types different from subscriptions:

Based on the type of subscription that you selections, in the interior will find different products. It remembers that all the boxes are not equal and that the amount of things that you find in its interior, depends on the quota of subscription which you choose.



How many months I have to be subscribed?

In GradeBookPower any contract type of permanence nor minimum subscription does not exist. The months that you choose will be the months that you will receive the box, but remembers, the renovation system is automatic reason why when you want a rest you will have to return to notify it to us.



How I can pay my subscription?

You can make the payment with debit card or credit just like when you are online shopping from OsCommerce or other online shopping web. Our store online works with Stripe, the system of payment of third parties more surely of the sector for tranquillity of our clients.



What book is sent?

The system of GradeBookPower offers month to month a newness book. Throughout all along that the “sale” of the box of the month in course is activated, we will put in our social networks tracks on the thematic one of the box. But at no moment we are going to reveal the title of the work.



Once phelp, I can cancel my order?

No. Once transacted the order will not be able to be cancelled the process. In case of being a subscription by more of a month sending mail to [email protected] and we will study its case.



If I have the repeated book,they change it to me?

The only case in that GradeBookPower will realise a change of anyone of the elements of the interior of the box is when breakage or deterioration of the interior exists.



When be sent my will box?

All the shipments of boxes will be realised from the twenty-one (21) of every month except the month of December that will be sent from the fifteen (15) so that it can be under his respective Christmas tree