Individual Student Progress Reports

View Sample Student Progress Report This menu item provides a very comprehensive report for students. Many schools use this as their student progress reports. This report includes the report date, student name, every assignment date, category, title, earned grade, possible points (weight), and letter grade. The running cumulative grade (trend) for the current term is displayed in the right column. The student's category averages, category points, and letter grades, final point totals, term grade, semester grade, grading scale, absences, tardies, personal numbered comments, personal memo, common message, and parent signature request are included. If a Grade Level is entered on the SetUp Menu Student Names selection, it will be included to the right of the student name.

Each radio button selects a different set of Individual Reports for displaying and printing. An Individual Report is not printed for any student having a grade of EXcused, Withdrew Passing, or Withdrew Failing for either the current term or semester.

All Students

This should be selected to display/print individual reports for all students. One report is printed for each student. An Individual Report is not printed for any student having a grade of EXcused, Withdrew Passing, or Withdrew Failing for either the current term or semester, or if the student was labeled as Withdrawn on the Student Names Menu. To print the individual report for the student, the student must be selected.

Deficiency Reports - Progress Reports

This selection is ideal for giving guidance counselors detailed information about students performing below average. Some schools have substituted this report for school deficiency reports that are sent home to parents. A deficiency percentage is entered in the edit box. If the current term check box is marked, a report is printed for all students earning a percentage equal or below the deficiency percent for the current term. If the semester check box is marked, a report is printed for all students earning a percentage equal or below the deficiency percentage. If both the term and semester check boxes are marked, a report will be printed if the student earns a percentage equal or below the deficiency percent for either the current term or the semester. The SuperData edit box can be marked so only students with matching SuperData will be examined.

Matching SuperData

This set of reports is ideal for providing other teachers (coaches, special education, etc.) with detailed information about student academic performance. Student SuperData is entered with the SetUp | Student Names menu. SuperData to match is entered in the edit box. Reports are printed only for those students with matching SuperData. If the check box is marked, the actual SuperData is also printed on the report to help distribute the reports (for example different homerooms).

When all classes option is checked, the program will automatically go through all classes and select only those students with matching SuperData.

Matching SuperData/Deficiency

This selection is used to limit printing to those students with matching SuperData and an academic level equal to or below to percentage entered in the deficiency edit box. These reports are ideal for school districts and states using the NO PASS-NO PLAY rule. The SuperData was entered with the SetUp | Student Names menu. For example, SPORT could be entered in the SuperData column. When these reports are needed, enter SPORT for the matching SuperData in the edit box. Then enter the deficiency percentage. Reports will be printed for all students having a percentage equal to or below the deficiency percentage and having SPORT for the SuperData would be included on this report.

If you only need a student listing, use the List Reports menu selection.

Elementary Option

This option prints an individual report for each student for each class. If the student has received grades in seven classes, then seven individual reports will be printed for the student. All individual reports for one student will be printed before advancing to the next student.

Elementary teachers with more than one group of students could enter the group letter in the edit box. Students were assigned to a group with the SetUp menu | Student Names selection.

The Elementary Reports menu selection is used for printing a single sheet summary for each student. This summary includes all classes, the current term or all term grades, all terms and the year grade, and up to two numbered comments for each class.


The right column shows how different assignments effect the term grade throughout the term. This trend can show when a student starts to slide, or when the student starts to make improvements, and how the current term grade changes when an assignment is not turned in.

Starting Class Number and Student Number

Usually printing begins with the first student in the first class when multiple classes are selected. To start printing reports with a class other than the first one, enter the class number for Advance Class Number. To start printing reports after the first student, enter the new starting student number. These options can be helpful if you cancel the printing or the printer jams when you are in the middle of printing.

Font Selection

Individual print outs use an 11 point Courier New True Type font. Six lines of student data are printed in each vertical inch. Marking the checkbox for a smaller font will select Courier New 9 Point which allows eight lines of student data per vertical inch. This allows more assignments on one page, and may prevent the individual report being printed on two pages.

Alphabetize Progress Reports

If None is selected, the student reports will be printed in the same order as the names are displayed for grade entry. Reports can also be alphabetized by each class, or all students can be combined into one list and alphabetized. All reports are always alphabetized when Elementary Reports are selected. Alphabetizing reports can save time for secretaries responsible for sending these progress reports home to parents.

Grading Scale

If weighting by category was chosen to decide the term (quarter) grade, the Grading Scale shows how that term (quarter) grade was calculated using the different weights and percentages. If the cumulative points method was

chosen, the Grading Scale information includes the number of points needed to earn each letter grade. The Grading Scale can be removed from the printout by marking the check box on this screen.

Parent Signature Request

There may be times when you want to send this report home for a parent signature. Mark the check box to indicate your preference.

Include Common Message

The common message entered on the second page of the SetUp Menu |Teacher Settings menu selection can be printed on all reports if the check box is marked.

A personal memo for individual students will be printed if the message is located with the student data. These personal messages were entered on the File | Personal Memo selection. Personal messages for elementary students must be entered in the first class in which the student is enrolled.

Absent/Tardy Information

If Absence/Tardy information is not recorded, this check box should not be marked.

If marked, the number of absences and tardies will be included on this print out. If the student has no recorded absences or tardies, '***Perfect Attendance***' will be printed. Absence/tardy information for elementary students must be entered in the first class in which the student is enrolled.

Include Semester Grade

Some teachers prefer not to print semester grades on individual reports until the end of the semester for student motivation. Turning this off is most effective when semester grades are determined by weighting. When reports are printed early in the second, third or fourth term of a semester, the current term points have a much higher influence on the semester grade (when weighting).

Use School Letterhead

If this check box is marked, printing will begin lower on the page. This option allows printing individual reports on school letterheads. The amount of the top margin drop is set on the SetUp menu | Teacher Settings selection.

Print in Reverse Order

If this check box is marked, the students in each class will be printed in reverse order. This lets the reports be properly stacked for some printers like HP DeskJet printers.

Mid Term Report Heading

If MTR is entered as an option on the Utility Menu-Advanced Features menu selection, a heading such as 'Mid Qtr 2 Report' will be printed on the reports. To remove the heading, enter option MTR again.

Screen Shot

Individual Report Screen Shot

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